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  1. A photo of an excavated section of a platform at a pre-Inca site in Peru.

    Pre-Inca people stomped salutes to their thunder god on a special dance floor

    Excavation of a drumlike platform in the Andes turned up a structure seemingly designed to absorb shocks and emit resonant sounds when stomped upon.

  2. An illustration of COVID-19 particles
    Health & Medicine

    Health risks can persist at least 2 years after COVID-19, new data suggest

    U.S. veterans who tested positive for COVID-19 in 2020 remain at higher risk for many long COVID conditions, from heart disease to gastrointestinal issues.

  3. A photo of a COVID-19 test kit and a person using the test.
    Health & Medicine

    What should we expect from the coronavirus this fall?

    The virus may be reaching a phase of baseline circulation, says epidemiologist Aubree Gordon. But it’s unclear what will happen in the next few months.

  4. An overhead photo of the Iceman Ötzi mummy lying on a white table.

    A new look at Ötzi the Iceman’s DNA reveals new ancestry and other surprises

    Ötzi had genetic variants for male-pattern baldness and dark skin, and he also had an unusual amount of early farmer ancestry, a new DNA analysis finds.

  5. Eliud Kipchoge spreads his arms in jubilation as he finishes a sub 2 hour unofficial marathon in Vienna.

    How to run a marathon in under two hours

    Running between other people reduces air resistance. A new study identifies optimal positioning of such drafting formations. Watch out, marathon records.

  6. An illustration of a woman's profile with music notes and butterflies flying above her head and a squiggly line wrapping around and out the back of her head.

    Neuroscientists decoded a Pink Floyd song using people’s brain activity

    The technique could be used to improve devices that allow communication from people unable to speak.

  7. An illustration of a blue person's colon highlighted in pink with a chunk of brown resting in the colon.
    Health & Medicine

    Why are more people under 50 getting colorectal cancer? Scientists have some clues

    Science News spoke with doctors about their research into early-onset colorectal cancer. Here’s what they’re learning and what questions remain.

  8. A man sitting in a dark gymnasium with a wet towel draped over his head and upper body.

    Extreme heat taxes the body in many ways. Here’s how

    Climate change is bringing longer, humid heat waves and hotter nights. Here's how our bodies try to beat the heat and what happens when they can't.

  9. Two men, one holding a child, stand with a wildfire burning in the background
    Health & Medicine

    Climate change puts children’s health at risk now and in the future

    Heat waves, wildfires and other climate-related effects on the environment are particularly hard on children’s physical and mental health.